Tuesday, October 8, 2013

note to self

well, its 7 am in the morning ! just wanted to post something up as I promised myself I would !

things to be done as per wednesday :

figure studies

3D Maya

and offering challenge

and this is what is going to happen later:

at 730, i will head home to shower and get myself refreshed for the day, at 9am -attend my ke-erm moral studies class . 12-1.30 max - lunch time .2-330 start figure , then 4 i should start doing my offering challenge and send in to check.

Its indeed a privilege to speak to young people , Lord, if you would just reveal to me the things you want to tell them to give !

why should young people give ? who are the youths in the bible that gave sacrificially? who can we model after ?

remind me to post a new post of my week ! Evaluation time !

got to make a move , else wont be able to beat the JAM!

keep you updated


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

decisions in life !

"what if I make the wrong decision?"

this a question whereby almost everyone even myself .

I believe that our decisions is always based on our conviction , our believe system !
our decision always follow our believe system .

lets take an example, " if you believe that facebook is important , more likely you will decide to spend more time facebooking right? "

well, Wilson... that is different !
how can you relate facebook with my current situation ?
well, im actually talking to myself here ..

what course should I study?
who is the right one for me ?
what if....
what if .......

all these thoughts have been resolving in me for quite sometime .
then I begin to reflect back.. all these while I have been making decision based on what?
then I begin to realise that I make my decision based on the foundations of my life .
on what is important to me .
in other words , my believe system!

"while conviction rest in the heart, decision rest in the head"

so step 1: search your heart before making a decision!

but that is not the end!

well, the thing about life is that our lives now is a summation of the decisions we make in the past.
Similarly, our future is going to be the summation of the decisions we make now .

sounds scary eh ?

but in making decisions, you need to be prepared to face the storms ahead , the wave that is going to hit you.

there is always a price to pay for every success at the end of the day weather we realize it or not.

"no pain , no gain "

when you make a decision today, be prepared to face the pain , be prepared to pay the price .

then It will be worth the decision

step 2: you need to be confident and prepared for mistakes to come when you make a decision

when you make a decision

think how you are going to work towards instead of thinking why you made that decision !

and work towards that decision

step 3: a decision is a commitment.

Monday, April 5, 2010

M I SS M E ?
im back online !
i finally can really online as now got maxis broadband.well its faster outside compare than the speed at home at home is like at the speed of siput .but outside is much much better
well,want to know whats going on with me?

well,i dont knw wether its good or bad news but im going back to high school.haha.im taking form 6. well when i was form 5 i told myself i wanted to go college and dont want to end up in form 6. looks like its all upside down.im going to form 6.hahaha.there are complications but i guess dad knows best.its time to change my mindset get ready ad rock my form 6!

yo peeps!

what else ?hmmmmm
last friday was good friday and sunday was easter day.well chc kl had 5 special services,with easter drama production ~THE FINAL SOLUTION~ . well it was a blast!i acted in it as one of the desciples of Jesus :) the practice was tiring but way worth it!by the way ,i did talk but just without the mic. hahahahaha.cant wait for the dvd.got behind the scene XD.anyway,on the second day i woke up and felt sick..the all in one package (fever,chough,flu and etc)it was really challenging but a great experience.i did get better by drinking unlimited water.hahaha.awsome stuff:)

i played as one of the desciples of jesus christ.
people say i wear baju kurung!


thats sunday with all the cast and crew after 5 great services:)

look at alberts face,hahahaha!funny gay fella!

im currently tutoring my sister sejarah.good brother leh!hahahahaha :D
hahahahaha.okay thats enoughh perasaning
anyway,i guess thats all for now
shall reupdate which is God knows when .
bye blog!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

d.o.n.t s..t.o.p b.e.l.i.e.v.i.n.g,i didnt stop believing

i'm back blogging but it doesnt mean that my internet is back

"the best way to ask for a smile is to smile:)"
well,its beautiful to see someone smile:) no?
smiles can change how you actually feel:)
well,i believe being happy is a choice
so ,choose to be happy

well,its just something random that i feel like posting.hahaha
things i would want to achive today:
1.study undang finish by today
2.manage the laundry
3.clean house
4.before all that is going to happen i shall go home and take a short nap
5.help wendy to move house

the truth is i didnt stop believing in you.i know in whatever you do,you can do it and make it there.i will do my best to help:)so,dont stop believeing:) never stop!

wanna know hows my chinese new year like ?its like that!well,alot of open house and familyy dinner .below are the random pics to show hows my cny like:)

well,this pic is actually nice but i kena cut.pratically squeezing.went to miss ongs house and that night itself went to fishieeee's house .thanks alot for the open house!rachel is cute tho.well,not to forget verons and karchuns open house.thanks ppuan leong junior and bighead.thanks miss ong!haha.thanks to all that made my cny :)

thats right we share the same surname:)
me and my lovely mummy:)it was their date day i think:) awsomeeeeee dayyyy:)hope they have fun!

personally love this picture.went over annycias house to visit and played with all of them .as you can see they are having fun.great visit:)well,jackie was like excited?he keep grabbing my leg for no reason..look at that retardo annycia..hahaha.the thongs rocks!!!

thats all for now
sayonara people!

Monday, March 1, 2010

when is your eureka momment?

hello people,hows things,my internet down so i cant update much
the mrsm people had a gathering last sunday at genting highlands.wanted to join but i cant
sorry..from gans facebook..seems like alot of fun.shall meet up again.well,i was talking to my old buddy,imran the fastest talker .he says i look different and so he uploaded my old pic in facebook to show me...i was shock.cant remember when i took itr but it was during end of form 3.so here goes..

i transform from this


not that much of difference eh.but i definitely look better now.
well,i guess thats all
see you all
have a nice holiday/schooling day/workingday/weekday/weekend/week!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

ITS NOT EASY TO BE ME-five for fighting


im doing fine now
just a short update on myself
shall update when my internet come back
ya!my internet is dead.im in starbucks now onlining
events upcoming

1.friends night-march 14 and 15
2.singer alarice is coming this weekend

well,if i say that there is no problems in my life means im lieing
i truly believe problems are meant to be solved and make me a stronger person
church midnight prayer meeting was a great experience .it helped me to be spritually stronger
teach me to love
teach me to care
teach me to be myself
thanks for praying keith:)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

working days

Greetings humans :)
im updating my blog now with a better way .With more pictures so that you wont get fed up with this lonely blog . However,we all still love thongs eh?XD XD XD
well,whats todays post about?
its definitely bout my working days
lets see what wilson have to say bout working
okayy.lets see i started working after spm as a a MANAGER IN A HOTEL NOT! okay,i shall be frank. I worked as some people adress it tele marketer or known as phone operator.well,it might be a nice job and easy job for certain people but not really for me.its really a great job for those who can speak fluent mandirin but im a BANANA!i needed space to learn but un fortunately this job cannot affort mistakes which i can score an A++ for mistakes .for example
wilson:hello...bla bla bla bla in english
chinese :can you speak mandirin?
~thats the end already T.T~
well im grateful for this job ,it teaches me on how impostant is mandirin.feel free to speak mandirin so i can learn thank you:D :D

i think its 2 days after i found a job in F.O.S but however the job cannot take weekends off which means i cannot go church which i cant commit.

so i went looking again, 2 days after i found a job in TAIPAN FOOD GARDEN.it would be great.everyday end at 7pm ,starts at 7am .every sunday can take later shift to go church,then every week can attend cell group .mothly salary 1100.dream job and i heard from my friend its fun.perfect

the first week was nice but i wasnt inform that the shift will rotate and my request all ignored.the boss not good mood so he set the time table.then i feel the suffering .then its getting more tiring .really tiring.and i would have to curi makan to continue working else i would faint.
my daily working routine
11.30:wake up and get ready
4.00pm:sleep(break time)
5.00pm:eat(break time)
6.00pm:resume work
1.00am:end work
next morning same routine over and over and over and over again

yup thats me:)
there is this once ,on a busy day we are short of waiters and so customers keeping calling for order and scold scold scold . even if its not the waiters fault. hahaha. i find it funny coz some that rush me is actually church members but they dont know that i am church member because i look like a MYANMAR BOY when im in my full uniform. when customers scold me.the first person i think of is my dad. hahahah
because my dad like to char waiters like kao kao...i get how they feel.haha.
balasan!'pou ying'!hahahahahaha.i get to serve some of my friends and not to forget my family too:)what a privilage.

smile myanmar boy.people say i look like japanese.hahaha:)

i made friends there too.mostly malay friends .this job really made me appreciate studies more .even studies can be stressfull and stuff but its way better than this.i really cant wait to start studying:

wttw rocks:)